Olive Oil

Pure Olive Oil is a base oil in our main soap oil blend, as well as a main ingredient in our extra moisturizing Foot Cream.

In handcrafted soap, Olive Oil offers extremely mild cleansing, hardness, and a dense lather. Combined with our other oils, our lather is a bubbly, creamy, and wonderful part of your bathing routine.

In skin care, Olive Oil is a heavy oil with mild but super moisturizing capabilities. Because it’s so heavy, we don’t tend to use it for general body application (preferring the light, less-greasy feeling of Sweet Almond Oil), but it works wonderfully with Cocoa Butter in our Foot Cream.

We use pure food grade olive oil. We do not use Pomace grade Olive Oil as this is a cheap oil using chemical extraction methods to get the remaining oils out of the fruit, after the good oils have been removed.

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