The Gift Bag!

Here is the contents of the gift bag at the 2015 GBK Primetime Emmys Celebrity Gifting Suite - our soap (Silk & Shea Butter Handmade Soap - Mini Size) is right in the middle! (ignore the tags, they got a little wonky). 50 Press/Media gift…

Going to the Emmys

Well, not me! But my soap is! Specifically, my Mini Silk & Shea Butter Handmade Soap is being gifted to the Press/Media at the 2015 GBK Primetime Emmys Celebrity Gifting Suite with The Artisan Group in a couple weeks! Pretty jazzed about…
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Mother's Day Sale

Minimum Order $25 / Not valid on sale items / Expires May 3, 2015


I've been working on my lotions - lotions, body butters, and facial moisturizers - and have tweaked the first 2 so I'm happier with them now than their previous version. Almond oil has replaced olive in my body butter, and I've replaced my preservative…

Planning a wedding?

Now in stock! We’re excited to expand our gift soap line, and now offer wrapped and custom* labelled mini bars! Each 1oz/28g bar of soap is handmade with the same care and quality as all our soaps, just mini sized. You can choose from the…

A plethora of new soapy goodness

Customers have been requesting more unscented and all natural soap options and I think I might be over delivering, but really - any excuse to make more soap is always welcome here! All soaps are finishing their cure and are in the process of…

Marbled {an etsy treasury}

An Etsy Treasury featuring our Bergamot & Tarragon Leaves Handmade Soap:You can purchase it here:

orange day {an etsy treasury}

An Etsy treasury featuring our Fresh Cut Roses Handmade Soap!Buy it here:

it's just pretty {An Etsy Treasury}

An Etsy Treasury featuring our Jasmine Tea & Ginger Handmade Soap!You can purchase it here:

The Artisan Group - Volume 2 {An Etsy Treasury}

An Etsy Treasury featuring our Fresh Cut Roses Handmade Soap!Fresh Cut Roses is a wonderful and real rose fragrance! You can buy it here:

Summer Skin Care Tips

If you receive our newsletter, you'll have seen some of these tips in the last couple emails. ~Pat (don't rub) your skin dry after your shower ~Moisturize after hand washing, don't wait until they are very dry ~Don't rely only on the chemicals…