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New: Super Paws Paw Balm

We’re pleased to announce our newest product is available! Super Paws Paw Balm was developed with one 90 pound Rottweiler in mind, who was coming in from -30c Canadian Winter temperatures with super dry, rough paws. Necessity is the mother of invention. Paw balms already exist, but we weren’t impressed with the ingredients vs price […]

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New Scents

Getting new supplies is like Christmas year-round. Since I’ve been gearing up and pouring the proper amount of energy into the business, I’ve also been ordering oodles of supplies, including new essential and fragrance oils – 3 of the newest are Love Potion (our version of VS Love Spell), Black Raspberry & Vanilla (both mostly […]

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Oatmeal's role in skin care

Oatmeal’s role in skin care

Oatmeal has been used for centuries (likely, millenia) on our skin. It’s well know for its anti inflammatory properties, which soothe the worst irritated skin. From simple dry skin, to psoriasis, and every problem in between, oatmeal can usually help alleviate some or all of the discomfort associated with uncomfortable (or worse, painful), inflamed skin. […]

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Honey benefits in Skin Care

Honey benefits in Skin Care

The little bee is, without a doubt, mankind’s most helpful creature. Without the bee, our crop pollination would be reduced drastically, cutting our ability to feed even 1/10,000 of our population, killing off thousands of species of plants, and we’d definitely be worse off for the lack of beeswax and honey. We owe a lot […]

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Goat's Milk benefits in Skin Care

Goat’s Milk benefits in Skin Care

Goat’s Milk has been used for skin care for as long as mankind has kept goats, but the recent popularity in Goat’s Milk products has prompted science to dig into why it’s so good. Goat’s Milk is a potent source of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and several vitamins like A that help restore damaged skin. […]

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Hello, there

It’s been a while since I posted anything. The past year has been a hectic mix a bunch of adjectives that aren’t very optimistic or positive. We’ve come through the roughest part and things are definitely looking up… (aside from this head cold that has given me time in bed to sit here and type […]

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Handmade Soap Photography (on a budget, or not)

Hello fellow soapmakers (and other crafters of handmade items), I’ve been struggling with product photography for 5 years. I quite literally have never had a product photo, in the thousands I’ve taken, been really and truly a shot I was happy with. Those that were “good enough” made it to my website. And if you’ve […]

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My soap, in a coat?

These are awesome! A wonderful customer of my from Southern Alberta holds felting classes and uses my soap for them. She sent me these photos to share! Wool felting is so awesome, I really someday should try it (…..nope, better leave it up to folks like this, I’m already stretched for time with soap! But […]

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Exchange rate!

With the holidays fast approaching (and the safe shipping time window closing), I want to let my US customers know that the exchange rate is REALLY in your favour!  If you place a $100 order now, your card will see a charge of only about $75; and that means if your shipping is $25 or […]

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No rest for the wicked! (or is it weary?) 

What with farming, helping with house repairs, the puppy, kids and all their related stuff, and getting back into my other primary profession, Amy Garrett Design (check it out if you need an awesome website), I’ve had no time to catch up on soapmaking.  I still have stock but I expect December-March is going to […]

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