I was pretty jazzed to wake up this morning – I’m “one of those” that checks my email before I’m even out of bed, just a quick look to see if I’ve got orders that need attending to right away – when I saw the Google Alert in my inbox letting me know the Edmonton Journal’s story about our MTV Movie Awards participation was up! To recap, I posted about our gift – Bergamot & Tarragon Leaves handmade soap – in this blog post; and this post is about The Artisan Group’s Gift Guide.

Full size bars will be available in Late April. Several extenuating factors (here’s looking at you, wind, for taking the roof off, and cows, wrecking the waterers, and kids getting sick) delayed the making of the soap to coincide with the Awards this weekend, but they are curing and will be put in stock soon! The EJ story has a photo of myself holding the full log of soap just before it got cut into bars!